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** Next Scheduled Production Run - Spring 2024 **
** PLEASE NOTE: Our freestanding kitchen cabinetry is a limited production product that is not always available for sale. Please check back with us for updates and scheduled availability. **
Set Your Kitchen Free!

Classic Furinture Design

Quality, Simplicity, and Timeless Style... Freestanding cabinets stand out from the plain look of traditional box designs, bringing individual character and a unique style to your kitchen in a way that only furniture can.

A Cleaner and Healthier Home

Because Freestanding Cabinets have no toe kicks, you are able to access and keep clean under your cabinetry from front to back using a Swiffer. And to the suprise of many, cleaning is acually eaisier and quicker without the sharp 90 degree corners in toe kicks which trap dirt and moisture. The open bottoms breath and keep dry avoiding the common problem of trapped moisture and toxic mold growth.

** For Wholesale Only **

Freestanding Kitchen Cabinets

Installs Just Like Real Furniture Our freestanding kitchen cabinetry is simply put in place just like living room furniture. Our Artist designed Solid feet incorporate built-in levelers making the installation process quick and easy, and without the hassles, complexity, and added expense of shimming, wall support, and filler pieces.

Custom Built to Fit by skilled Amish furniture makers and artisans, our freestanding cabinetry is built to fit your layout precisely, and is designed for the best aesthetics and function without compromise.

Installs Like Furniture
Freestanding kitchens install just like furniture...

Old World Craftsmanship...

Mortise and Tenon Joinery

Mortise & Tenon Joinery

Solid Wood Feet

Solid Artist's Feet

Dovetail Drawers

100% Solid Wood Dovetail Drawers

Solid Wood Shelves

Solid Wood Shelves Not Veneered {Pennsylvania Cherry Shown}

Authentic Period Style Freestanding Kitchens.

Custom built to fit by skilled artisans; our furniture style kitchen cabinets bring all the advantages of Period furniture and modern cabinetry together without the hassles and complexity of modern built-in cabinetry installations. We offer several vintage kitchen cabinetry styles to choose from - from early American to mid-century american, to modern contemporary kitchen styles - all built to order within our artist's freestanding foot designs. We don't make standard cabinets to look like furniture with cheep facades like other cabinetmakers do. Our cabinets are true furniture products hand made from real wood by skilled artisans from our local Amish community. Custom built to fit, and finished to your specifications, our freestanding kitchen cabinetry lets you bring out and accent the character of your kitchen and home with real furniture pieces from the period and style of your choice.

Freestanding Kitchen With French Feet

A Cleaner, Healthier "Green" Living Environment.
Our freestanding kitchen cabinets are not only a real wood products, but are truly green kitchen cabinets designed with an emphasis on natural building, and with many features and options in mind to help keep the surrounding environment healthy and safe. Such features include Low VOC non-toxic finishes, formaldehyde free construction, and easy cleaning under cabinets where pests, allergens, and toxic molds often find shelter. Since our cabinets are constructed only from all natural "green" wood products, children and those with allergies and asthma will not experience the ill effects of "off-gassing" common to man-made materials.

Freestanding Kitchens Are Easier To Clean
You can clean
under your cabinets

Freestanding Kitchen Ideas

Freestanding Kitchen Cabinetry - a better product.

     Freestanding kitchen cabinets are real kitchen furniture - a design with many advantages over cabinets with toe kicks. Freestanding cabinets have open bottoms with stylish feet - no toe kicks, and have a true furniture quality appearance that stands out. Because freestanding cabinets don't have toe kicks with 90" corners, cleaning around them is actually quicker and easier - Swiffers will reach from front to back under our freestanding design making cleaning easy and fast. Besides the appealing furniture look of freestanding cabinetry, the common problem of trapped moisture under cabinetry from sweaty pipes, floor mopping, and general use does not occur. Freestanding kitchen cabinet design allows the bottoms to breathe and keep dry and mold free, eliminating the far too common problem of toxic mold growth under your cabinets. Mold growth not only destroys your cabinets, but creates a very unhealthy environment within your home, and can pose very serious health problems for your entire family - especially those with allergies. Because cabinets with toe kicks make the space under your cabinets inaccessible, cleaning and inspection is not an option; any mold growth will go undetected for years until your cabinets show outward signs of deterioration. Since freestanding cabinets by design have no inaccessible dead spaces, they allow you to clean underneath, and keep your home clean and mold free. With an open bottom design, your freestanding cabinets will last much longer than standard cabinets with toe kicks; in fact, freestanding kitchen cabinets can endure far into the future, and be passed on as heirlooms for future generations to cherish just like any other furniture item in your home. And even if you decide to replace or upgrade your cabinetry down the road, its nice to know that your freestanding cabinetry investment will still have value and use elsewhere - you might say that freestanding cabinetry is 100% recyclable. Investing in a kitchen furniture design rather than common cabinetry with toe kicks is a wise investment that not only looks great and stands out, but contributes to a clean and healthy kitchen that will never go out of style.