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Modular Our modular kitchen furniture pieces are true furniture quality freestanding kitchen cabinets designed to connect together to form a span of cabinetry, or be used as stand alone pieces of furniture. Our freestanding kitchen cabinetry provides for a clean and completely non-marring installation process without the hassles, complexity, and added expense of built-in cabinetry installations requiring shimming, wall support, and filler pieces.

Movable, and Reusable
Our furniture quality kitchen cabinets can be added or rearranged over time to better serve your needs. The modular design of our cabinetry gives you the option of creating your kitchen over time exactly as you want it to be, rather than being rushed into a kitchen your really aren't sure of or satisfied with. Investing in quality furniture for kitchen cabinets is an investment into a product that will have value and usefulness far beyond the average life expectancy of common cabinetry. Moving and adding pieces over time also allows you to fine tune your needs and build a quality kitchen with heirloom value at your own pace.

Custom Built to Fit by skilled furniture makers and artisans, our freestanding kitchen furniture is built to fit your layout precisely, and is designed for the best aesthetics and function without compromise. No filler pieces are used in the design of your kitchen. Our freestanding kitchens are designed with a "zero-dead-space policy".

Real kitchen Furniture - not production cabinets with fake furniture facades. The true furniture design of our freestanding cabinetry has inherent advantages over common cabinetry. Most kitchen cabinets that look like furniture are not truly furniture products, but are only made to look like furniture by attaching cheep facades. These add-on pieces not only add costs, but tend to fall apart and break off over time because these pieces are only stapled or glued on and not structural elements. In contrast, every part of our modular kitchen furniture is a rigid structural element that combines both form and function to make for an authentic and sturdy furniture product. As a solid wood furniture product, you can rest assured that you have invested in a quality furnishing designed and built to withstand the test of time.

The Lancaster Mill
Modular Kitchen Furniture

Old World Craftsmanship...

Mortise and Tenon Joinery

Mortise & Tenon Joinery

Solid Wood Feet

Solid Artist's Feet

Dovetail Drawers

100% Solid Wood Dovetail Drawers

Solid Wood Shelves

Solid Wood Shelves Not Veneered {Pennsylvania Cherry Shown}

We combine the best of new and old world products for a cleaner, healthier, "Green" living environment. Our furniture quality cabinetry is real kitchen furniture, not just kitchen cabinets, but heirloom quality furniture pieces that can be passed down for generations. Like any well built furnishing, our freestanding cabinets will always have value and usefulness in your home, and will always be repairable and reusable. Our kitchen furniture is constructed completely from the wood of your choice. All natural, enduring, and our only replenishable resource, real wood products do not exhibit the ill effects of "off-gassing" common to man-made materials like particle board and laminates. Hand crafted only from natural wood products, our kitchen furniture is not only a good fiscal investment, but an investment in the well-being of your health and the environment for today, and for generations to come.